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MW in AgS On-premises
MW in AgS On-premisesWith the Modeling Workbench (MW), you can create and maintain standard and custom content. Content is organized per model. The available models are based on the provided license.Based on the structure of the modules within a model, a navigation tree is constructed and displayed in the left-hand panel of the Modeling Workbench. This tree-view is always visible. The center pa...
MW Home Page in AgS On-premises
MW Home Page in AgS On-premisesAfter logging in, the MW homepage is displayed. It consists of the following sections:The top barThe action barThe navigation paneThe details paneThe available models are displayed in the left-hand pane of the Modeling Workbench, the navigation pane. You can expand or collapse the models and their content. You select a different viewpoint to look at your data by s...
Modules in AgS On-premises
Modules in AgS On-premisesThe Modules mode of the Modeling Workbench displays the Modules in a model definition and the Object type (extensions) and base config they contain. For more information on managing modules, see the following:ModulesImporting modulesThe activation treeExporting modulesModule detailsViewing Model HistoryCreating a moduleEditing a moduleDeleting a moduleAdding an object ...
Help Texts in AgS On-premises
Help Texts in AgS On-premisesYou can use the Help Texts mode in the Modeling Workbench to add, edit, or delete a help text for modules, object types, fields, references, sublists and other entities in multiple languages. It is also possible to add, edit, or delete Topic help texts. These special help texts cover certain general topics, and can be referenced to from other help texts.For more inf...
Working with MW Components
Working with MW ComponentsFor more information on working with Modeling Workbench components, see the following:Tables and fieldsInspecting the configuration extensionsWorking with configuration extensionsInspecting the committed modelTroubleshooting
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