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Management Console Overview
Introduction to IT Management ConsoleThe IT Management Console (ITMC) is the administrator tool of Angles for SAP. The ITMC is divided into the following sections:The status overviewThe main menu
The status overview
ITMC Status OverviewThe overview screen shows the actual status of the connected SAP servers. The following statuses can occur:Up (green) - Angles for SAP is up and running.Loading (yellow) - An extraction has occurred, the system is calculating fields and loading the model.Down (red) - A problem has occurred, the model is down. Click on Open model to access the model and investigate the proble...
The main menu
Main Menu of the ITMCUse the main menu to navigate the IT Management Console. There are four groups of configuration settings: Global settings - All configurable settings that are applicable to all users and models.Models - Angles for SAP can be configured to handle more than one data model. This section contains all configurable settings for each specific model.Users - All user management sett...
Adding Comments in ITMCComments are useful to share information with colleagues about the settings that you have changed. You can add comments in the following pages of the IT Management Console:Label categories LanguagesLicensePackages, System rolesAll Models Communications Connection SettingsContent ParametersLabelsLanguagesRolesAll usersDatastoresTo add a commentClick Add comment. A dialog b...
First Page
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