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ScheduleAngles for SAP provides two ways to schedule recurring actions:Scheduling Angles: link an Angle to an automation task to, for instance, export the Angle results every day, send data to other BI applications, etc.Execute at login: specify which Angles and Dashboards you want to execute the moment you log in.
Scheduling Angles
Scheduling AnglesNote: This functionality is only available if you have sufficient privileges. Your privileges are maintained by your system administrator in the IT Management Console . You can schedule Angles using automation tasks if you have sufficient privileges. An automation task is a task that performs all linked actions at a designated time/event. If you want to perform a certa...
Execute at login
Execute at LoginAngles and Dashboards can be executed automatically when you log in. This is useful when you use them often.To execute an Angle at login Execute the Angle (see Executing an Angle or Template ). The Angle results page opens. Find the Display in the Displays pane . If there are many Displays, the Display tab of the Display ...
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