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ExecuteIn Angles for SAP, you can execute Angles, Templates, and Dashboards. Executing an item means that you create a report of a predefined data query, including filters, Jumps, and other customizations. The result of this query is visualized in one or more Displays.You can inspect and further refine the results on the Angle results page or Dashboard results page. You can also save the result...
Executing a Dashboard
Executing a DashboardYou can execute an existing Dashboard and view the results. You can also execute a group of Angles as a Dashboard (see Creating a Dashboard).To execute a DashboardOn the Search page, find the Dashboard that you want to execute.Click the Dashboard name to execute it.If the Dashboard contains an Ask at Execution filter (indicated by the next to its name), provide the setting...
Executing an Angle or Template
Executing an Angle or TemplateSince an Angle and a Template are very similar, you can execute them in the same way.To execute an Angle or TemplateOn the Search page, find the Angle or the Template that you want to execute.Click the Angle name or the Template name to execute its Default Display.orIf you want to execute the Angle and show another Display, you can select it from the list next to t...
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